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Total War: WARHAMMER III – Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs


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The rumours are true! Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs will probably be arriving in Total War: WARHAMMER III on April thirteenth! 🔥 Pre-order right this moment and obtain 10% low cost!

📄 Read extra and meet our first Legendary Lord, Astragoth Ironhand, in our official weblog submit: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/tww3_thechaosdwarfs_astragoth/

PRE-ORDER FORGE OF THE CHAOS DWARFS NOW AND RECEIVE 10% DISCOUNT! – https://store.warhammer.totalwar.com/

Play Total War: WARHAMMER III with PC Game Pass: https://www.microsoft.com/store/productid/9NGGB0GZPB9D
Pre-order Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs: https://store.warhammer.totalwar.com/
Any questions? Check out the FAQ: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-iii-faq/


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  1. there was Russian in the pre-order, you deleted it without informing about it, this is a serious precedent and an indicator of your attitude to the buyer. To interfere with politics in the gaming industry, and to "punish" everyone who speaks Russian is a childish act. Return the Russian localization, officially apologize, fire the one who came up with it, and perhaps save the remnants of your reputation. Well really what kind of kindergarten

  2. I have been playing the TW series for a long time, and these games have always been something sacred for me.

    I play with the Russian translation of the game and I felt very "fun" – I paid for a new update, I was waiting for it for a very long time, and what I saw was a complete lack of translation and empty cells with names – cool, I thought, went to the forums and saw just the dumbest politics I've seen in my entire life. ok this is your game, you made it and everything else, I have a question – if you are against the Russian Federation, then why did you just now decide not to translate your game into Russian? why did they leave the translation of the game into Russian? just look at this situation from the outside – "We do not approve of some of the actions of the Russian Federation, and we will not translate further additions and so on, but we will leave everything that has already been translated, because in general we are not against some of the actions of the Russian Federation" it turns out when hypocrisy and duplicity seeped into such a company, why does anyone give a damn about the target audience? what for? they buy everything, don't they? I am a small person in this big world, and this fact will obviously not make you cold, and hot too, someday your rotten policy will backfire on you all in bankruptcy and takeover by someone else and believe me, when this happens, and this will definitely happen with your actions.

  3. I think one of the most impressive parts of the trailer, and the whole dlc in fact

    Is how they managed to make what could've been one of the goofiest, silliest looking factions (the hats!), Somehow look one of the coolest of all!

  4. I don’t think we as a Community should buy this dlc. They are triple dipping. Raising the price while reducing the content, so saving more content for later dlc to charge us again. It is really disrespectful how CA is treating its loyal fan base. I won’t buy this dlc. We shouldn’t do this behaviour isn’t normalised

  5. Отменили поддержку русского языка. Я как фанат серии Оооочень не доволен этим. Сегодня отменяют русский язык. А завтра и нашу культуру и нашу веру. Я буду писать компании издателю тотал вар. Пока меня не услышат. Что бы они вернули русский язык в игру!

  6. Recently, the companies Creative Assembly and SEGA have decided to discontinue support for Russian localization. Let's examine this situation. Russian is the 7th most spoken language in the world, with approximately 154,000,000 people speaking it as their native language. Moreover, Russian is spoken, understood, written, etc. not only in Russia, which means that by cancelling Russian localization, Creative Assembly and SEGA are showing their disdain for many people who loved and respected their work, enjoying it for many years simply because Russian localization is convenient for them.

    With this action, Creative Assembly and SEGA will begin to push away their paying and potential audience, fans, and the whole community from their products, which sooner or later will affect their finances. While other developers and publishers are partially or fully preserving Russian localization and even voice acting in their products, Creative Assembly and SEGA are showing their hatred towards all Russians and Russian-speaking people.

    The decision to abandon support for the Russian language in their products will undoubtedly deal a huge reputational and financial blow to Creative Assembly and SEGA both in Russia and in all Russian-speaking countries, as well as to people who live in other countries but use the Russian language out of convenience and familiarity.

    All the Russian-speaking community, fans, and potential buyers are asking for is respect and the return of Russian localization.


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